Club 1040's "The Ritz" gala dinner & silent auction Event Date: 3/3/2017
For more information, call (918) 251-0608 or visit the website:  For more information click here.


Holy Spirit training clinic with Rev. Joe Jordan Event Date: 3/4/2017
Rev. Joe Jordan will minister in Tulsa at a special Holy Spirit training clinic called "The Forum" on Saturday, March 4th, starting at 9:00am. This clinic will take place in their location behind Red Lobster at 6808 S. Memorial, Suite 226. 


Dr. Ken & Donna Stewart to host "Excelling in the Gifts" conference Event Date: 3/20/2017-3/22/2017
Hosts Dr. Ken & Donna Stewart announce "Excelling in the Gifts" conference in Tulsa March 20-22. Guests will include Len & Cathy Mink and Pastors Bill & Linda McRay from Nashville. There will be teaching on, and demonstration of, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with an emphasis on understanding how to develop these gifts in the Church. This three-day conference will take place at Sunday Sessions, located at 6808 S. Memorial (behind Red Lobster). Service times: March 20 at 7pm, March 21-22 at 10am & 7pm. Everyone is welcome; and there's no cost to attend. For more information, call 1-800-426-5766 or visit the website;  For more information click here.




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